Beginning of our Salty Settler community

I was sitting on the sandy beach when it dawned on me the deep connection we share with nature.

The blowing gentle breezes whispered to me and soothed my soul. Staring at the sky painted in blue I felt to spread my wings and fly in its limitlessness. The surrounding blue ocean and the waves from far away came with the invitation to experience its depths and to connect with its oceanic soul.

In the heart of every ocean lover beats the spirit of a true adventurer. This spirit is what inspired Yashrib Ahmed ( @Yashlightroom) to create Salty Settler. With a deep love for the sea, tropical climates, and adventure, Yashrib set out to design a brand that embodies this passion.

Salty Settler offers a range of clothing and accessories designed to embrace the salty soul within. More than just a brand, Salty Settler is a call to brave souls like surfers, fishermen, divers, sailors, sea explorers and travellers who dare to embrace the salty soul within.

It's for those who understand that the ocean isn't just a place; it's a way of life.

Be a part of this community, and let Salty Settler be your companion as you explore the vastness of the sea and the depths of your adventurous spirit.



To inspire a deep and lasting connection between individuals andthe ocean, fostering a sense of adventure, respect, and stewardship for our marine environments.


To create a global community of Salty Settlers who embody the spirit of exploration, conservation, and a love for the sea, leading to a more sustainable and harmonious relationship between humanity and the ocean.

  • Yashrib Ahmed @yashlightroom

    Founder CEO